Bad Breath Treatment

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Bad Breath Treatment (Halitosis)

Having bad breath is embarrassing. And to make matters worse, you might not even realize you have it.
Your nose loses its sensitivity to the smell of your breath and is unable to detect the disagreeable smell. It would be extremely embarrassing for other people to have to tell you the terrible news. Halitosis is the medical term used for bad breath. Everyone occasionally has bad breath, especially after consuming foods with strong flavors like garlic, onions, or other pungent flavors. However, persistent bad breath (chronic halitosis) may be a sign of an oral health issue or a disease that is affecting another part of your body. Halitosis is a symptom of a number of medical conditions. It can significantly reduce your sense of worth and self-esteem. You may feel compelled to distance yourself from interpersonal connections and communication because you are aware that your breath is not as fresh as it ought to be. As a result, you may experience significant emotional and psychological strain. If you have bad breath, the quality of your life may suffer significantly. The first step in treating halitosis is determining what is causing it.

The cause, which could be any of the following, is what ultimately determines the course of treatment. 

  • food and beverage
  • oral hygiene issues
  • gum illness
  • smoking
  • dieting
  • medication
  • health issues

How to Treat Bad Breath?

The best way to treat halitosis is to maintain better oral hygiene. Make sure your mouth is always completely clean, free of extra food particles, and bacterial buildup. Brushing twice a day and flossing daily can help you achieve this. This also protects you from other dental and oral health problems. A regular dental checkup should also be part of your oral health routine. Come visit McArthur Dental Centre, to perform a more thorough examination of your teeth and gums to ensure that you have a long-lasting, attractive smile. We are committed to giving you excellent dental and oral health care so that you can feel confident about the state of your teeth and gums.

How OraVital System Works? 
If the above therapy is not sufficient to treat halitosis we also work with OraVital System.

We perform Biofilm testing to identify major pathogens that drive the development of halitosis. OraVital provides a report that contains recommendations tailored to the patient’s unique oral biofilm and clinical history. Several treatment options, i.e – treatment rinses, are proven to treat and control the pathogens identified in biofilm tests. 


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